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Summo Series

summo1and2-iso.jpgsummo-button.jpgAir Poppets from David Wolfe Design, Inc. are designed to relieve the vacuum created inside a mold either upon the mold opening or the molded part ejecting. Introducing air pressure to the mold cavity encourages the molded part to stay on the desired half. Using air poppets upon ejection, assist deep draw parts for easy removal.

The Summo & Summo-II Series are perfect for abusive, heat compression manufacturing scenarios. Click here for installation and removal instructions on the Summo-II series.


Features & Advantagessummo-1-block.jpg

  • Ideal for abusive environments such as heated compression molds
  • Hardened Viscount 44 steel
  • Removable from mold face with spanner wrench (sold separately)
  • High volume air flow
  • Heavy duty spring pressure to maintain a tight poppet seal
  • O-ring to seal against resin contamination around poppet (supplied)
  • Guide sleeve for axial alignment
  • Re-build kits available
  • Filtered air inlet (New for 2016)

Summo-II Advantages

  • Ideal for molds where resin contamination makes for difficult removal
  • (8) Brass plugs supplied with poppet to plug spanner wrench holes
  • Provides for positive attachment of spanner wrench (sold separately)
  • Beneficial for use on hot molds or even top half of mold while in the press



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Catalog Number (order/select)

NOM DIA D-1 D-2 L-1
T-1 Price
SM-36 36mm 1.4170"/1.4175" 0.879" 1.536" 2.13" M24-3.0 $318.00
SM-36-2  36mm 1.4170"/1.4175"   0.879"  1.536" 2.13"   M24-3.0 $397.00 

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