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Need more FAQs Please!

Q: Are David Wolfe Design Air Poppets corrosion resistant?
A: All of our DWD, DSL, & DSM air poppets are made from corrosion resistant 17-4 PH stainless steel.  However, our largest size, SM-36 (Summo Series) is made from Viscount 44 (pre-hard H-13) and is not corrosion resistant.

Q: What mounts are available?
A: Bolt-in mount or press-fit mount are available. Bolt-in mount styles may be press-fit into place.

Q: How is air added to the poppet?
A: Superior air flow is directed into the poppet via strategically engineered access holes.

Q: Do you offer mounting screws for the poppet?
A: Stainless steel screw are offered and available during Air Poppet purchase.

Q: Is there more than one poppet design?
A: Yes, we offer a complete family of Air Poppet components. Perfect for any manufacturing need! We manufacture many types of molded products, and have a long history in the R&D of Air Poppets. We can vouch for its reliability and success rates.

Q: How much do David Wolfe Design Air Poppets cost?
A: Depending on the size, our standard Air Poppets range in price from $64 to $121 USD.  Our large Summo Poppet costs $300 USD.

Q: Do you offer both Imperial (English) and Metric sizes?
A: Yes, our Air Poppets come in both English and Metric sizes.

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