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Spanner Wrenches

DWD Spanner Wrenches are used to assist with the installation of DWD Collars and Summo Series Poppets.  The inside of the "SQ-1" hole retains a standard square socket extension. 


Type "A" Spanner Wrenches slip into the pre-drilled holes on the face of the Collar or Poppet for normal installation and removal.

Type "B" Spanner Wrenches are specifically designed for the Summo-II Series poppet.  The Wrench has four drive dowels for easy installation.  If the Summo-II poppet has seized in the mold, the Spanner Wrench flips over and can be bolted directly into the drive holes for positive attachment.  Purchase of the CR-SUMMO2 Spanner Wrench includes (8) SHCS.

Catalog Number Fits Type SQ-1 Price
CR-2 2-COL A 3/8" $45.00
CR-13 13-COL A 1/2" $45.00
CR-SUMMO SM-36 A 1/2" $45.00
CR-SUMMO2 SM-36-2 B 1/2" $115.00

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