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Drill Jigs

dj-mold2.jpgDWD Drill Jigs are used to aid in drilling angled air access holes without requiring a complicated machining set-up.  Simply install the drill jig into the pre-drilled/bored hole for the DWD Air Poppet.  Then hand-drill for the appropriate size air line.  Drill Jigs may be re-used for multiple installations.


Catalog Number (select)

Fits Poppets D-1 Drill Size L-1 Price
DJ-0 DWD/DSL-0 1/4" 0.125" 0.20" $58.00
DJ-1 DWD/DSL-1 3/8" 0.187" 0.30" $58.00
DJ-2 DWD/DSL-2 1/2" 0.250" 0.49" $58.00
DJ-8 DSM-08 8mm 0.125" 0.31" $58.00
DJ-12 DSM-12 12mm 0.188" 0.45" $58.00

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