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Metric Series Poppets


  • dsm-button.jpg
  • Corrosion resistant 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Bolt-in mount or press-fit styles available
  • Superior air flow via access holes
  • Low cost
  • Stainless steel screws available upon request
  • Complete family of components
  • Guide sleeve for axial alignment
  • Sleeve reduces wear on cross pin
  • Positive stop to reduce spring fatigue
  • High pressure spring for tighter seal and resistance to vacuum
  • Spring rated for high temperature environments such as compression & rotational molds
  • Sized for new or replacement installations of other metric brands

                                                                                                                        US Patent No. 6,443,421 B1




Catalog Number (order/select)

NOM DIA D-1 D-2 L-1
T-1 Price
DSM-08 8mm 8.009/8.014 6.78 11.00 M5x0.8 $74.00
DSM-12 12mm 12.009/12.014 10.34 18.00 M8x1.25 $83.00
DSM-18 18mm 18.016/18.024 15.44 22.00 N/A $98.00


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