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"SL" Series Poppets

dwd-001groupsm.jpgdsl-button.jpgAir Poppets from David Wolfe Design, Inc. are designed to relieve the vacuum created inside a mold either upon the mold opening or the molded part ejecting. Introducing air pressure to the mold cavity encourages the molded part to stay on the desired half. Using air poppets upon ejection, assist deep draw parts for easy removal.


US Patent No. 6,443,421 B1

 Features & Advantages:sl-series-cutaway.gif

  • Corrosion resistant 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Bolt-in mount or press-fit mount available
    (Bolt-in mount styles may be press-fit in place.)
  • Superior air flow via access holes
  • Stainless steel screws available upon request
  • Complete family of components
  • Low cost

 PLUS! These new SL features:

  • Guide sleeve for axial alignmentsl-series-diagram.gif
  • Sleeve reduces wear on cross pin
  • Positive stop to reduce spring fatigue
  • High pressure spring for tighter seal and resistance to vacuum
  • Spring rated for high temperature environments such as compression molds & rotomolds
  • Life tested at 1,000,000 cycles



Catalog Number (order/select)

NOM DIA D-1 D-2 L-1
T-1 Price
DSL-0 1/4" 0.2506/0.2508 0.2180 0.3750 #8-36 NF $94.00
DSL-1 3/8" 0.3756/0.3758 0.3270 0.5630 1/4-28 NF $74.00
DSL-2 1/2" 0.5006/0.5008 0.4350 0.7500 5/16-24 NF $83.00
DSL-13 3/4" 0.7506/0.7509 0.6500 0.7500 N/A $106.00
DSL-14 1" 1.0006/1.0009 0.8660 1.0000 N/A $121.00

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